Thursday, February 17, 2011

My goodness!

I really haven't meant to ignore this blog, but life has gotten away from me.  You know how it goes.  Sick me.  Sick Neal.  Sick critters.  Root canal.  Neal in hospital.  Neal in surgery.  And then you look up and it's been weeks and weeks since you've blogged... or gotten to the studio.

Had a great time at the Danforth, showing the teen docents how to needlefelt.  They had fun, and I think I've created new needlefelters.

Am also working on some items for the Elegance in April event at St. George's.  My sister (with her jewelry) and I with my needlefelt will be there.  Should be fun!

The primary piece in progress is for the International Free Form Guild's theme show.  It's due in early May, and I can't show you what it is -- it's unveiled at the online show, and published in a book that comes out in the summer.  The theme this year is Myths, Stories, and Fairy Tales.  I'm having fun planning and executing my idea.

I've got this coming Monday off, so I'll be in the studio all day Monday instead of Saturday.  Or perhaps in addition to Saturday -- not sure yet.  But if you're in the area on Monday, stop by (10a-3p).

I was excited to find that the book, 100 Artists of New England, shipped before I thought it was going to from Amazon.  E. Ashley Rooney has put together an interesting collection of emerging artists.  This collection includes my bud, Lynette Haggard (p110) with her fabulous encaustic.  The book is organized by each state in New England, with luscious full-color images of the artists and their works.  It's a visual dessert of a book. 


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