Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week in Review

My sister joined me in studio Saturday, making jewelry.  Lynnette came in for lunch.  I like company and visitors.

I needlefelted detail on Peace Felt 2010, and it's complete for mailing out in a week or two.

Finished Pink Pockets.  Pockets is turning into a theme.  It's very lightly needlefelted.  I like the feel of fluffy batts of wool, and coaxing pockets into it.

I did another piece in my "Times of My Life" series, Baby.  Baby is a very lightly needlefelted piece.  So I have Baby, 8, Hippie, 28, and Bride.  I need to take photos of all of these.  Hippie is the first piece of textile art-to-wear I ever made, back in the late 60's-- a pair of hip hugger bell bottom jeans that I patched and embroidered (NFS of course).

I started a needlefelt background for a rocky beach, and worked on another piece that's a birdseye view of sea and marsh that needs to be wet-felted before I needlefelt detail.

In more mundane efforts, I threw all of the loose stuff in front of the shelves into bins, so it looks a little more organized.  Open Studio is coming up the first weekend of November, and the studio needs to be accessible and I need to have display space.

Looking forward to taking Lynette's class in encaustic.  (  Should be fun to experiment with mixing encaustic and fiber.

Counting down the days until I get back in the studio next Saturday.  And vacation week follows-- up to Maine for Monday through Wednesday, and then home and studio.  Need to gather together new things for the Danforth Museum Shop for the fall season.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was an abbreviated day at the studio, but I did finish up the Peace Felt project piece, and worked on a new landscape.  Pockets is completed.  And I worked on a felt purse that I'm just adding needle-felted embellishments to, for the museum store in the fall.

I'm going to try to get down one afternoon this week to dye some pashminas.  I'd like to solid dye them, and then later try some shibori with bleach and see how they come out.  Total experiment, but it could be fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010

What I'm Working On

I had a productive weekend in the studio, spending most of Saturday and then Sunday morning starting a few new projects.  I'll post some photos soon.

1)  An abstract called "Pockets" that has an under-sea feel to it that's lightly needlefelted.
2)  A wet-felted abstract piece with varied shades of purple wool and silk hankies.
3)  A needle-felted purple abstract piece for my Peace Felt Project recipient.
4)  Several hyperbolic crochet pieces for the Smithsonian Community [Coral] Reef Project.

As I said, a productive weekend.  Very satisfying.

Some other pieces from July...

Whither Blows the Wind? (Gulf Coast Summer of 2010)

Birch Tree, 2010

Dawn Breaks While Mother Nature Slumbers, 2010