Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week in Review

My sister joined me in studio Saturday, making jewelry.  Lynnette came in for lunch.  I like company and visitors.

I needlefelted detail on Peace Felt 2010, and it's complete for mailing out in a week or two.

Finished Pink Pockets.  Pockets is turning into a theme.  It's very lightly needlefelted.  I like the feel of fluffy batts of wool, and coaxing pockets into it.

I did another piece in my "Times of My Life" series, Baby.  Baby is a very lightly needlefelted piece.  So I have Baby, 8, Hippie, 28, and Bride.  I need to take photos of all of these.  Hippie is the first piece of textile art-to-wear I ever made, back in the late 60's-- a pair of hip hugger bell bottom jeans that I patched and embroidered (NFS of course).

I started a needlefelt background for a rocky beach, and worked on another piece that's a birdseye view of sea and marsh that needs to be wet-felted before I needlefelt detail.

In more mundane efforts, I threw all of the loose stuff in front of the shelves into bins, so it looks a little more organized.  Open Studio is coming up the first weekend of November, and the studio needs to be accessible and I need to have display space.

Looking forward to taking Lynette's class in encaustic.  (  Should be fun to experiment with mixing encaustic and fiber.

Counting down the days until I get back in the studio next Saturday.  And vacation week follows-- up to Maine for Monday through Wednesday, and then home and studio.  Need to gather together new things for the Danforth Museum Shop for the fall season.

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