Monday, August 9, 2010

What I'm Working On

I had a productive weekend in the studio, spending most of Saturday and then Sunday morning starting a few new projects.  I'll post some photos soon.

1)  An abstract called "Pockets" that has an under-sea feel to it that's lightly needlefelted.
2)  A wet-felted abstract piece with varied shades of purple wool and silk hankies.
3)  A needle-felted purple abstract piece for my Peace Felt Project recipient.
4)  Several hyperbolic crochet pieces for the Smithsonian Community [Coral] Reef Project.

As I said, a productive weekend.  Very satisfying.

Some other pieces from July...

Whither Blows the Wind? (Gulf Coast Summer of 2010)

Birch Tree, 2010

Dawn Breaks While Mother Nature Slumbers, 2010

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