Thursday, November 24, 2011


Open Studios is over, and I had a great time talking with all the visitors.  Most had never seen "painting with fiber" before, and wanted to know all about wet- and needle-felting.  The Ashland Library volunteer art curator has asked me to do an exhibition, and is booking about 14 months out -- that should give me time to get enough pieces complete, as he needs 15-16.  In between visitors, I was working on my current piece, and between then and this week when I'm on vacation, I've gotten a lot accomplished.

I've added some needle-felted detail to the lower right side, with suggestions of vegetation.

I needle-felted in the rocks and cliffs so that the waterfalls are defined.  Added some striated cliffs.  Still more to do on this for the first fall at the top.

Filled in more of the sun-glinted water and the sand bars.  Needle-felted some rocks in the river.

Worked on the waterfall and rocks as well as the elevations to the river on the lower left.

Next I need to work on the wrinkles on the upper right, to define them, and then finish up the sun rays at the top left, and the remaining detail.  I'd say I'm about 60% done right now. 

Looking forward to being in the studio on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday!


  1. I love your work and hope you are doing fine. Wish You a very health 2013

  2. Thanks, I'm feeling pretty well at the moment, just a little tired -- so far, so good! I appreciate your comment on my work and your taking the time to post to me!