Thursday, February 11, 2010

INTFF Exhibitions

The International Freeform Exhibitions are on my mind as I start working on my 2010 entry. 

Check out previous years at

I have or am participating in:
          2010 Theme:  Somewhere in Our World
          2009 Theme:  Four Seasons
          2008 Theme:  Through Our Eyes

The exhibitions are collected into annual books, designed and executed by Myra Wood, freeform artist extraordinare (, and are available for purchase, too.  All proceeds go to a women's charity each year.  Links are on the above weblink.

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  1. 2010 International Freeform Fiberart Show
    Somewhere in My World

    How do you see your world? We all live in many worlds at the same time; our physical place on the planet, our inner world and our fantasy world that comes to us in dreams, the worlds we imagine or a glimpse into history. Your challenge is to interpret this theme any way you see it from any one of those perspectives.

    The Guidelines:

    Create one piece only. It can be a scrumble, an article of clothing, a sculpture or mobile, a conceptual happening, or anything else you can dream up but ONLY ONE ENTRY!

    You are free to use any and all materials, not just yarn, and use of exotic/unusual materials is encouraged but not required. You can use absolutely any needlearts technique you like but the piece must contain some crochet and/or knitting. Beading, spinning, weaving, needlework are all acceptable and can be the main technique used as long as some knit/crochet is included. There is no size restriction since you are only sending photos.

    Along with your entry you will write a brief statement with a max of 175 words. It can be an explanation, a poem/haiku/ or anything else you'd like that expresses your piece.

    This challenge is open to anyone on the Yahoo International Freeform list.

    No actual items will be sent. This exhibit will be online only so no shipping is required of the actual pieces. You will need to send ONE high res file of the completed project when it's finished but not until the deadline of April 27th. Inset/close-up shots can be sent as well if the piece is 3D and needs to be viewed from different angles. The image, along with your statement will be published in the online exhibit as well as in book form. 100% of the profit from the sales of the books will be split evenly between and Mercy Corp for Haitian Relief. The book will be available to purchase online this summer.

    The deadline to enter the challenge and send a hi res jpg is firm. Please send your jpgs along with your name, location and website or blog address to: from April 27- May 4, 2010. Please DO NOT send them before or after that time.

    Please do not show anyone your work in progress or post it to your blog or show any pix in your Flickr account until the show is online. That way everyone will be surprised and see each other's work for the first time together. You are welcome to discuss inspirations or ideas but don't describe what you're creating.

    As always, since we are truly an International group, we'd like to have as many countries represented as possible around the globe. Even if you're new to Freeform, you are MOST welcome to join in.